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The Trail of Tears Association (TOTA) is a non-profit, membership organization formed to support the creation, development, and interpretation of the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail. In 1987, Congress designated a national historic trail commemorate the forced removal of the Cherokee people from their homelands in the southeastern United States to Indian Territory (present-day Oklahoma) in 1838-1839. The Georgia Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association is one of nine state chapters which have been chartered to assist the Trail of Tears Association with its many tasks. Each chapter has its own board of directors, including officers. This body organizes the chapter for meetings, research, and activities. Activities of the Georgia Chapter include documenting sites relating to the Cherokee people and the Trail of Tears

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GaTOTA Received a grant in 2012 from the Georgia Humanities Council for three trunks. Ever since then this has been our major project and donations are always welcome. Dr. Donna Myers, former New Echota ranger, with the assistance of some of the GaTOTA board members, worked to develop a series of traveling trunks to be used in the schools of North Georgia. These trunks are available for second grade teachers to borrow for presenting the history of the Cherokee in North Georgia. They are located at The CHIEF VANN HOUSE, Chatsworth Georgia, NEW ECHOTA STATE PARK, Calhoun, Georgia and one at the CHIEFTAINS MUSEUM, Rome, Georgia. We are currently working on three more trunks.

Cherokee Images

Charles O. Walker's Cherokee Images has been reprinted by the Georgia Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association. 

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Art work of Dorothy Sullivan

The art for the Georgia Chapter of TOTA wayside exhibits is provided by Cherokee Nation artist Dorothy Sullivan. If you would like to obtain prints of this authentic Cherokee art for your own collection, check with your local art dealer or visit art dealers online.

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